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Wallaby Cottage provides nappies and wipes for the 0-2 year olds and for the 2-5’s nutritious morning teas, lunches and afternoon tea is provided.  All meals are prepared on the premises.

All children are offered to sleep or rest after lunch.  The centre provides small beds and fitted sheets and each family provides their own rest blankets.

Educators for each class observe each child individually.  Notes on each child’s development, achievement charts, artwork and photographs are documented in individual portfolios.

Wallaby Cottage is open Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 6.00 pm and close for approximately two (2) weeks from Christmas to January.

At Wallaby Cottage our outdoor garden area was designed by a qualified landscape architect specifically catered for the needs of children as a naturally established garden with well maintained sandpit and soft-fall surface for climbing equipment. Colourful murals adorn the garden area and form an aesthetically pleasing environment to promote creativity and social experiences.

At Wallaby Cottage we realise the importance of recycling and sustainability in our community.  We value the importance of educating the children on such matters through day to day discussions, books and practices.

At Wallaby Cottage we follow the practices and principles of the early years learning framework. We also incorporate a daily comprehensive School Readiness Program including Letterland, number recognition and fine motor skills.

Wallaby Cottage is a 22 place centre.  Our rooms consist of

  • 4 x 0-2’s,
  •  8 x 2-3’s
  • 10 x 3-5’s

Wallaby Cottage is situated in Allambie on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  Wallaby Cottage  is family owned and operated and has been in operation since 2003 under the same Director and most of the original staff.