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“Our Centre offers a safe home like environment which supports the individual needs of families based on open communication and provides an anti-bias curriculum which is challenging, stimulating and educationally sound.”

This centre has a commitment to providing care and educational programmes of the highest quality, a recognition of the importance of the family as the strongest foundation upon which a child is nurtured and developed and therefore an integral partner in all aspects of the child’s development within this centre.

We value and support our trained and qualified staff in their commitment and integrity in providing a motivated, loving, caring, loyal and supportive service to the children and families using this centre.

The children will receive nutritious meals, culturally appropriate and in accordance with current regulations.  The meals will include variety and encompass the five major food groups.

We will facilitate the children in developing

*  Lively, inquiring minds, a love of learning and willingness to apply effort to worthwhile tasks

*  Use of imagination

*  Powers of creative self-expression

*  Powers of judgment

*  Physical and mental health

*  Self-confidence, a sense of worth and  respect and consideration for others

*  Decision-making and problem solving skills

*  An understanding of themselves and their world

*  Competence in intellectual, social and physical skills

Non-discriminatory! anti-bias curriculum! non-threatening! caters for individual needs.

Effective open communication channels between all parties.  Safe in all areas.  Physical emotional! social intellectual! inviting! fun! stimulating! educational! age appropriate activities! Individually appropriate

Aligns with the values and principles of the National Quality Standards (NQS), the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Wallaby cottage realises the importance of recycling and sustainability in our community.  We value the importance of educating the children of such matters through day to day discussions, books and practices.

Wallaby Cottage acknowledges the Guringai and Koori people.  We realise the value of incorporating creative crafts and story time to promote children’s awareness of cultures and diversity.

Wallaby cottage understands the importance of child and family input.  We value and listen to children’s voice’ and maintain daily communication via group discussions, family weekend sheets and gathering data using mind maps, photo evidence, surveys and daily quotes from children.

From the above beliefs this philosophical statement was achieved for our Centre.

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